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Outpatient Services   
Outpatient services are generally provided to consumers on an hourly schedule, on an individual, group, or family basis, and usually in a clinic or similar facility or in another location. Outpatient Services may include diagnosis and evaluation, screening and intake, counseling, psychotherapy, and behavior management. Included also, are substance abuse services that are provided generally in a concentrated manner over several consecutive weeks.


Ambulatory Detoxification with On-Site Monitoring

Symptoms associated with drug and alcohol withdrawal can be quite intense and medically dangerous. The monitoring provided by the Outpatient Medical Detox Program will allow for needed medical supervision and the creation of a safe detox environment. Medications can assist with the transition from substance abuse/dependence to abstinence. This medically monitored program will allow you the opportunity to remain in the community (continue with school, keep your job, remain with your family) while detoxing. 

A strong support system is imperative for success. You and the people who support you will participate in a confidential interview, intake, and orientation session. An explanation of the detox process and what to expect will be provided. Your significant others will have an opportunity to learn more about the recovery process by participating in educational groups for themselves.  

We'll link you to community supports such as AA/NA. We will also provide assistance with employment resources, and resources for food, shelter and clothing. Transportation will be provided as needed. Upon completion of the program we encourage and invite you continue treatment to assist with recovery and sobriety.


It takes courage to start with a clean slate. Start healing now by calling us today at 757-942-1988 to learn more about this valuable program. Expect 100% confidentiality. 

You don't have to do this alone. We will assist your family in learning more about the disease of addiction as well as the recovery process.