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Jessica Schwartz

Pre-Licensed Professional, MSW

NORTHGATE Suffolk Mental Health Center

“Normal is just a setting on the dryer” is one of my favorite quotes. Each person is unique and therefore, therapy should not feel like a “one size fits all” solution. My goal is to treat each person in a way that embraces who they are and what they need. My belief is that when a person is truly heard and valued; that they are then able to attain their goals. I have worked with children, adolescents and adults with varying backgrounds and experiences since 2009.

I specialize in providing individual therapy for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities; histories of trauma; oppositional and defiant tendencies; poor self-esteem and peer relationships; and those with or taking care of someone who has complex and chronic medical needs. I am skilled at connecting with a person at their level and through therapy, helping them grow and reconnect.

I take special interest in providing a modern feel in my sessions by utilizing hands on activities and technology. My purpose is to help people see themselves and the world with a new and positive perspective.