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Justina Lambert


SMITHFIELD Suffolk Mental Health Center

I am invested in collaborating with individuals in order to promote lasting change. As a clinician, I am most experienced in working with individuals from adolescence into senior adulthood in treating depression, anxiety, enduring life transitions, and increasing self-esteem.

I assist with processing trauma, developing effective coping strategies, and increasing self-awareness. I also enjoy assisting clients to build stronger relationships by developing healthy boundaries and increased communication. I am also the Co-Founder of the B.L.O.O.M.S. Women’s Mentoring Program. Being a military spouse has afforded me the opportunity to have hands-on experience within a world that few truly understand.

I am passionate about working with military families, individuals, and/or couples as I am keenly aware of the significant emotional and family structural changes that can cause great strain on both the individual and/or couples.