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Mental Health Counseling for ID/DD

Forward, Together with western tidewater community services board
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Therapy is a safe space where you can learn to understand & manage your emotions, improve your self-confidence and relationships with others, and work to solve the problems you have in your life.

Individuals who have an Intellectual Disability, or a Developmental Disability such as autism need a counselor that understands them and the unique challenges they face.

Western Tidewater CSB offers individuals a community of hope when they need it most.

Let’s move forward, together.


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Mental Health Counseling for Adults with ID

Our counselors are trained to work with individuals with an Intellectual Disability; understand their specific needs, how to best communicate, and how to make sure they receive the full benefits of counseling.


Mental Health Counseling for Adults with Autism

Our counselors are trained to understand the neurological differences that occur with autism, and how they affect a person’s life and mental and emotional wellbeing.


FAQs About Counseling


What is Autism?


What is an Intellectual Disability?


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WTCSB Services

We provide integrated services and relief for multiple mental health needs, support for individuals with developmental disabilities, and substance abuse help.

Same Day Access

Our exclusive Same-Day Access to care and 24/7 crisis intervention means our caring team of clinicians and counselors are always within reach.

Who We Are

Western Tidewater CSB is the leading authority in mental health and developmental services in Franklin, Suffolk, Isle of Wight County, and Southampton County. Learn more about what truly sets us apart.