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Strong African American Families (SAAF) Breaking Bread Together

Forward, Together with western tidewater community services board
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Encouraging a Deeper Family Connectedness

Designed for youth and their caregivers, Strong African American Families (SAAF) improves familial relationships and builds on the strengths of each family while helping young people avoid risky and dangerous behaviors. 

SAAF is a seven-week family-centered program that encourages the use of parenting and resiliency skills.

The program targets families’ responses to challenges they are faced with:

  • Everyday parenting
  • Staying connected to youth
  • Peer pressure for substance/alcohol abuse
  • Early sexual activity

This program will give you the ability to help your kids avoid behavior problems, prepare you for their child’s adolescent years, and provide you with tools to help youth set and reach positive goals.

Forward, Together with western tidewater community services board

For Parents:

  • Learn how to maintain firm boundaries while showing love.
  • Learn new forms of communication to solidify the family unit.
  • Learn to promote independence and goal setting with their child.

For Children:

  • Learn to develop and implement short- and long-term goals.
  • Engage in positive activities that will enable the youth to develop a more positive outlook on life and the future.
  • Refrain from engaging in negative behavior to increase overall quality of life.

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