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Western Tidewater Community Services Board

The Purpose of Life is a Life with Purpose

At Western Tidewater CSB, your relief is our priority, and we are always available and accessible to all.

Welcome to Wrap-Around Care for Our Community.

WTCSB is the local authority on mental health services. We believe quality care should be open to all, and we support that with same-day access to care.

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Getting Started

3 Ways to get Help

24 Hour Emergency Line

We are diligent in our mission to provide quality mental health care to all. Our integrated approach to wrap-around care starts with you. Our caring staff is accessible 24/7 phone or email.

Same Day Access

SDA provides a clinical assessment to any individual on the day they come to the CSB during open access hours. SDA minimizes your wait and makes care more accessible to you.

our counselors

The WTCSB Staff of Counselors are highly trained, experienced, and caring individuals who are creative and thorough in their care approach. 

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We find purpose in providing a community of HOPE.

WTCSB is committed to providing a comprehensive system of quality, recovery-oriented care to our community. We are your one-stop for Mental Health, Intellectual Disabilities, and Substance Abuse Services through public and private counseling services. Your relief is our priority.

New Patient?

In our commitment to providing only the best care for our community, we make access to professional, high-quality, wrap-around care convenient and easy. Connect with us today.

Service Centers

WTCSB has locations throughout Franklin, Suffolk, Isle of Wight County, and Southampton County – including services via Telemed / Telehealth options.

5 Ways to Move Toward Mental Wellbeing

Mental Health refers to behaviors or disruptions that affect the brain or mind. Mental wellbeing is so much more. In fact, mental health is only part of our overall mental wellness.

Why is mental Health Awareness Important?

46% of Americans will meet the criteria for a diagnosable mental health condition at some point in their life. May is mental health awareness month, find out why it is important here.

Common Mental Health Comorbidities That Autistic Adults Have: Why Therapy Is Important

Symptoms of mental health conditions often go untreated in adult autistics, as they are unrecognized as separate conditions and are falsely attributed to what autism “looks like.” Some professionals refuse to counsel autistic adults with mental health conditions due to their lack of training and experience with autism. Despite the prevalence of mental health conditions, it can be difficult for an autistic adult to find affordable and quality mental health care.

Employee Portal

The WTCSB Employee Portal is the one-stop for staff communication, information sharing, WTCSB policy information, downloadable forms, and more. This area is reserved for employees of WTCSB only.

WTCSB Job Board

Become a part of a community that cares. As a whole, WTCSB strives to value staff, support diversity, and promote excellence within. We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer.

Who We Are

Western Tidewater CSB is the leading authority in mental health and developmental services in Franklin, Suffolk, Isle of Wight County, and Southampton County. Learn more about what truly sets us apart.