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Paula J. Lynch



It is fascinating to see people gain insight and clarity when they are offered a way to view themselves and their circumstances from a strength-based perspective. I am a licensed clinical social worker that specializes in substance abuse.

I have enjoyed working with individuals who are motivated to change and who are genuinely looking for assistance with helping them navigate through treatment. I obtained my Bachelor of Social Work from Liberty University in 2018 and obtained my Master of Social Work from Walden University in 2020. I also obtained my certification to be a substance abuse counselor in 2020.

By utilizing a multi-theoretical approach, it allows me to meet the client where they are while gaining information about their goals and where they see themselves in the future. I incorporate Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with Motivational Interviewing techniques (CBT-MI), an evidence-based therapy that has been proven to work well for individuals with co-occurring disorders (mental health and substance abuse).

While group therapy is my passion, I am currently providing substance use disorder individual therapy via telehealth or in-person to Service Members, Veterans, and their Families (SUD SMVF).