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The Importance of Finding a Therapist That Understands Neurodiversity

by | Apr 8, 2022 | Autism, Mental Health, Neurodiversity

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The Right Therapist Will Understand

Neurodiverse people, like autistic people or people who have ADHD, respond differently to life events and manage stress in different ways, compared to neurotypical people.

When your therapist understands these differences, they will adjust their methods accordingly. They will give you intervention techniques tailored to neurodiverse needs.

The Right Therapist Will Not Treat You Like Someone You’re Not

The right therapist for you will not want to make you act like a neurotypical person. They will work to help you to embrace your differences, and work with them to achieve your personal mental health and life goals.

The Purpose of Life is Life With a Purpose

At Western Tidewater CSB, we believe that the purpose of life is life with a purpose. We offer relief and hope to adults in our community through a coordinated system of high-quality, recovery-oriented care.

Whether it’s immediate crisis intervention, private individual therapy, or ongoing rehabilitative services, Western Tidewater CSB is there with the support you need – exactly when you need it.

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In the following video, Karen Bailey, a therapist who works with autistic patients at Western Tidewater CSB, talks about the importance of finding a therapist that understands neurodiversity.

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