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I Feel Like I Need Help for My Mental Health but I Have No Idea Where To Start

by | Mar 28, 2024 | Mental Health

Forward, Together with western tidewater community services board

If you’ve been avoiding starting mental health counseling, know that you’re not alone. Lots of people struggle to begin therapy. Sometimes it’s simply because the process is just too overwhelming. If you have no idea where to start when it comes to getting mental health support, we can help. 

Getting Help for Your Mental Health Is Easy at Western Tidewater Community Services Board

Even if you’re fully aware of the importance of mental health counseling, it’s only human to be wary of trying something new – especially something that can make you feel as vulnerable as therapy can. And uncertainty isn’t the only thing that keeps people from starting therapy. Getting started can be confusing, difficult and overwhelming. That’s why at Western Tidewater Community Services Board, we do everything we can to make the process straightforward and stress-free. 

Our simple process for getting started with therapy fast includes three easy ways to get help, same-day access to services, and four convenient locations.

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Three Ways To Get Help Fast

Get the help you need quickly and easily through one of our three access points – online, over the phone or in-person at one of our walk-in clinics. 

Getting Help Online

The easiest and fastest way to get help is by visiting our Get Started page on the website. There, you’ll fill out a short form. We’ll ask for some personal information, as well as some details about why you’re seeking help. We’ll also ask for your insurance information – but don’t worry if you’re uninsured or underinsured. We will find a way to help, no matter your situation.

Getting Help Via Phone 

If you’re not able to or don’t want to access our website, you can also call us at (757) 758-5106 during business hours (Mon-Fri, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM) to schedule your first appointment.

Walk-in Clinics

Want to see someone face-to-face today? We offer walk-in services at our clinics, when available. Walk-in today to see what we can do for you.

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Same-Day Access to Behavioral Health Care Services

Western Tidewater CSB’s Same Day Access Program truly sets us apart from other counseling agencies in the community. We understand that accessible care is paramount to your health and well-being, which is why we offer appointment-free access to the help you need – when you need it.

Western Tidewater CSB’s Same Day Access program is a centralized, no-hassle intake program available to the community via phone, email, and walk-in, no appointment necessary.

Upon contact and after the initial intake session has been completed, we schedule the first treatment appointment within 10 days. WTCSB’s Same Day Access Program provides trusted and comprehensive real-time relief for individuals in the communities we serve.

Four Convenient Locations

If you’re in the Western Tidewater area, you should be able to find a WTCSB location that meets your needs. We have four locations in our service area:

NORTHGATE Suffolk Mental Health Center

Northgate is our primary location. You can access several services here, including:

  • Adult/Child Case Management
  • Medical Services
  • Mental Health Counseling & Other Outpatient Services
  • Emergency Services
  • SCIP
  • RC5
  • SOR
  • Medical Detox

SMITHFIELD Mental Health Center

Live in the Smithfield area? Our Smithfield Mental Health Center offers several services, including:

  • Adult/Child Case Management
  • Medical Services
  • Medical Detox

FRANKLIN Mental Health Center

Our Franklin area Mental Health Center provides the following services:

  • Adult/Child Case Management
  • Mental Health Counseling & Other Outpatient Services
  • Medical Services
  • Medical Detox

HARBOUR VIEW Mental Health Center (Administrative Building)

Services offered at this location: 

  • Veterans’ Services
  • Mental Health Counseling & Other Outpatient Services
  • RC5
  • Functional Family Therapy

What To Expect at Your First Therapy Appointment

Arriving and Checking In

When you arrive at your first appointment, you will speak with a staff member face-to-face and they’ll give you some paperwork to fill out. You’ll be asked some screening questions, for your financial information and to complete an initial comprehensive assessment.

This important preliminary step will take approximately two hours. To get through this this part as quickly and easily as possible, please remember:

  • To bring your ID, social security card and any insurance cards
  • Bring proof of income and proof of residence

The absence of any of these documents will impact your ability to receive care.

Your First Session 

It’s normal to be anxious about starting therapy, but that first appointment will be undemanding. In your first session, your counselor will most likely just spend some time getting to know you better. They may also ask a few questions to determine why you’ve decided to pursue therapy. This is only to help them understand what you hope to accomplish in your sessions and how they can help you meet your goals. You will never be judged by your counselor – they are here to help you resolve your concerns so you can move forward in life.

After your first appointment, counseling sessions may involve a variety of therapies or techniques. Your therapist will work with you to figure out which techniques will best help you to resolve what’s bothering you and achieve your personal goals.

Your counseling sessions may include:

  • Talk Therapy or Psychotherapy – Talk therapy provides a safe space where you can talk about your thoughts and feelings. Through talk therapy, your counselor can identify certain stressors and help you to understand how they’re affecting your life, and help you to develop strategies and solutions.
  • Learning New Life Skills – Counseling can help you to learn and practice life skills that will help you to manage your emotions, build better relationships, and to overcome difficulties in life.

Let’s Move Forward, Together

Now that you’ve made your first therapy appointment, the hard part is over!

Haven’t made the appointment yet? Go ahead and do so now on our website, in-person at one of our clinic locations or by calling us at (757) 758-5106.

We’re been providing our community members with friendly, accessible support for mental health, substance abuse and developmental/intellectual disorders for over 50 years. No matter your situation, we are here for you and want you to remember – there is always hope.

Thanks for putting your trust in us – let’s move forward, together. 

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