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Spotting Toxic and Healthy Relationship Traits

by | Dec 20, 2021 | Relationships

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You’ve probably heard the term “toxic relationship” thrown around before, but what makes a relationship toxic?

And is a toxic relationship always beyond repair or can we improve the relationship and make things better for us, and for the people we care about?

Which relationships can be toxic?

First of all, romantic relationships aren’t the only relationships that can be toxic. 

We can have unhealthy relationships with our family and friends, too. 

And when these unhealthy relationships get to the point where they are causing you to suffer in your day-to-day life, they have become toxic relationships.

All relationships take work. As humans, we’re inherently imperfect and we have to work to become better – and that includes in our relationships. 

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Most of the time, we feel that our relationships are worth it. 

Putting in the work to understand our partners, friends and family members, and to accommodate and adapt to their specific needs, faults, and personalities typically help us to build more meaningful and happier relationships.

Just because a relationship is toxic doesn’t mean that it’s not worth the work! 

Some toxic relationships can be saved

It just requires considerable and challenging work.

As you head home for the holidays, keep in mind that what might seem like normal family interactions to you (because it’s all you’ve ever known) might actually be harmful.  Use the infographic below to find healthy and toxic traits that can appear in a relationship. 

We Can Help

Removing yourself from a toxic relationship can be extremely difficult, especially if it is a family relationship. 

If you need some help coping with difficult feelings, we are here to help.

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