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Shannon L. Trewartha


Harbour View Treatment Center

As an alumnus of Eastern Virginia Medical School’s Art Therapy and Counseling Program, I utilize art interventions and processes to facilitate insight, positive self-expression, focus, problem-solving skills, a sense of industry, identity development, comfort taking positive risks, cognitive flexibility, and overall personal empowerment.

Art therapy, therapeutic play interventions, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy are common modalities employed. I incorporate grounding techniques, physical movement, music, and guided meditation to enhance sessions. I take a non-judgmental, holistic, strengths-based, and person-centered approach, encouraging investment in all aspects of Self.

My experience has been in a wide range of settings, to include hospitals, local jails, alternative schools, therapeutic group homes, private practice, a residential treatment facility, and community mental health agencies. I work with all ages and levels of functioning. Most of my clients have come to me seeking help with anxiety, depressive symptoms, trauma, and interpersonal difficulties.

I also enjoy working with neurodiverse individuals and individuals experiencing psychosis who desire to learn to navigate the world in a way that allows them to thrive while being their genuine selves. I aid others in remembering the knowledge and wisdom imbedded in them that has been forgotten due to external distractions, intense emotions, and mental unrest.

As a clinician and fellow human being, I strive to help YOU see that YOU are the MVP of your life, worthy of great investment, and that YOU have CHOICES.